As a dermatologist who has graduated from medical school, I still find the unit of “Introduction to Undergraduate Study” helpful and constructive. My personal and professional development (PPD) has evolved during the term by recognizing the strong and weak points and identifying strategies to improve. A reflection will be given in this writing referring to the four categories of PPD: employability, learning to learn, underpinning skills and personal development.

I start this course with a concrete plan. Unlike other students whose future goal may be gaining a position in the cosmetic industry, I aim to conjoin the knowledge of cosmetic science and that of dermatology which I already possess, and turn this into a unique specialty for my profession. Entering the course empowers me to practice more confidently in the field of cosmetic dermatology. It is delightful to find that there are abundant resources in this school, and the programme structure is beyond my original expectation. I look forward to what I am going to learn in the rest of the year.

My strongest point as a student is that I am exceptionally responsible, and schoolwork is always given the first priority. Besides a good will to learn, the successful essay writing in this unit also proves my capability for information gathering, selection and research. However, there is still space for improvement. Although I spare no efforts in each assignment, they are often finished at the last moment. I wish I could make a more efficient use of my time. Another practice that I am not accustomed to but would like to pick up is self-evaluation. Learning from the past is the best way to make progress.

As for underpinning skills, the medical background has rendered me the ability of academic writing. Nevertheless, language barrier is a major hindrance when it comes to verbal communication and group work. I tend to hold back in class discussion because of not knowing the correct wording instead of a genuine lack of opinion. However, preparing for the group presentation in this term rebuilt my confidence, and our group was acknowledged as the best by other classmates! My main strategy to enhance the communication ability is reading newspaper and magazine articles. In addition, I will also attend “Discussing in Groups Course” organized by the Language Centre during the term break.

Coming overseas is a great step in my personal development. I deal with cultural conflicts and make mistakes on a daily basis. While leaving me frustrated sometimes, the experience of living in a foreign country alone gives me strength and widens my horizons. The diversity and friendliness of the nation amaze me, and I am particularly fond of the fashion resources provided by this world-known fashion capital. Such sociocultural impact is molding my values and beliefs and transforming me into a more open-minded individual with a global perspective. I cherish the chance of studying here and will make the best use of it by taking parts in more activities and interacting with local people.

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(第一項作業是Cosmetics for Modern Male
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